Tuesday 13:30-14:10 Industry theatre 2

Ulcerative Colitis: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Patient Care

Symposium Objectives:

  • Explore the burden related to less frequently discussed UC symptoms
  • The Communicating Needs and Features of IBD Experiences
    (CONFIDE) study, what does this mean for us and how do we close the communication gap?
  • Evolving treatment goals, what role does histological remission have to play within our clinics and ultimately… for our patients


Professor Ailsa Hart
Consultant Gastroenterologist and Dean, St Mark‘s Academic Institute
St Mark‘s Hospital
London, UK

Lisa Younge
IBD Nurse Consultant, St Mark’s Hospital
St Mark‘s Hospital, London, UK

Dr Alissa Walsh  
Consultant Gastroenterologist,
Oxford University Hospitals Trust

This symposium has been developed, organised and funded by Eli Lilly and Company. Intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only.

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