Wednesday, Hall 8, 08:15-08:45

Liver Disease – Role Of Aetiology, Rise Of Metabolic Disease and Its Impact

This symposium helps to explore the concerning rise of metabolic diseases, exploring the factors that contribute to their development (aetiology). We will aim to examine how diabetes, alcohol consumption, and weight interplay to influence the development of fatty liver disease, a significant risk factor for cardiovascular and metabolic problems. By understanding the root causes and the complex relationship between these elements, we can gain valuable insights. The discussion will further explore the link between liver disease and HCC and delve into the interplay between these conditions.

Session TitleLead
Liver Disease & HCC – Epidemiology, disease burden and future trends.David Pinato
Aetiology Factors in HCC- Cardiometabolic risk factors and Viral/non-viral.Sanju Mathew
Discussion & ConclusionDavid Pinato and Sanju Mathew

This non promotional symposium is sponsored by Eisai for UK healthcare professionals only.

UK-NON-24-00165 May 2024