Thursday 10:40-10:55, Hall 4 Silent Symposia

Improving ADR – New Technology Update

Adenoma detection rate (ADR) is the most widely used metric to assess quality of colonoscopy. Studies have shown ADR to correlate with other measures of colonoscopic performance such as withdrawal time, caecal intubation rate and longer term outcomes such as interval cancer rate

Higher ADR is associated with lower rates of interval cancer and vice versa.

Standards of colonoscopy and adenoma detection vary widely between different endoscopists. Tools to improve adenoma detection rate are therefore required and many devices have been purported to increase adenoma detection rate.

Of particular interest is the recent arrival of artificial intelligence, with some AI platforms now offering both detection and characterisation support for the endoscopist.

During this session Dr Hayee will looks at some of these recent technologies and the evidence supporting any claim to improve adenoma detection rate during colonoscopy.


Dr Bu’Hussain Hayee– Clinical Director for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, King’s College Hospital, London Clinical Director for London Endoscopy Academy


May 2022