Galapagos is united around a single purpose: to accelerate innovation of transformational medicines with the aim to deliver more years of life and quality of life for people around the world. Together with our partners and collaborators, we’re addressing areas of high medical need where we hope to extend and significantly improve patient lives.

Our integrated approach is patient centered, focused, risk managed and collaborative. Combined with the scale of our resources and our deep expertise in key therapeutic areas such as immunology and oncology, we aim to speed delivery of breakthrough innovations and therapeutics.

The UK&I operation of Galapagos was set up in 2020, aiming to offer patients in the UK and Ireland with treatment options for unmet medical needs in therapeutic areas like immunology.

At Galapagos, we are proud to be among a rare group of fully integrated biotech companies advancing early research to a marketed medicine. Today we are building on our foundation and continually adding to our pipeline of innovations. Through ongoing development and through discovery and acquisition, we aim to make life-changing innovation happen for patients more quickly.