Ipsen Sponsored Symposium

Tuesday 13:30-14:15, Hall 11

Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) commonly arise at sites within the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas. They are thought of as rare ‘zebras’ of the gastroenterology and cancer world; however, NETs are more prevalent than any other gastrointestinal cancer except colorectal adenocarcinoma.1 Despite this, there is often a significant delay in diagnosis and over 40% of patients have metastases at diagnosis.2

Patients with NETs can face diagnostic delays of 5 years due to vague symptoms, with many initially misdiagnosed with a more common condition such as irritable bowel syndrome.1–3 Although patients can survive for years with metastatic disease, living with NETs is associated with both physical and emotional challenges.1,4

Many patients with NETs are referred to gastroenterologists and hepatologists, following investigation by primary care, providing these specialties with a unique opportunity to diagnose NETs earlier, helping to prevent diagnostic delays.1

Led by Consultant Gastroenterologists Professor Mark Pritchard and Dr Mohid Khan, leads of their respective European Neuroendocrine Tumour Centres of Excellence, this symposium will focus on the routes via which gastroenterologists and hepatologists may encounter patients with NETs. Through engaging case studies, panel discussions and sharing of best practice, we will explore how to better identify the zebras among our patients.

Disclaimer and References

Disclaimer: This is a promotional educational meeting organised and fully funded by Ipsen.

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April 2022 | SOM-GB-001592


Dr Mohid Khan, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Clinical Lead for the South Wales ENETS Centre of Excellence

Professor Mark Pritchard, Professor of Gastroenterology and Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist, University of Liverpool, Clinical Lead for Liverpool ENETs Centre of Excellence and current Chair of the UK and Ireland NET Society (UKINETS)

Talk Titles and Timings:

Welcome and introduction – neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) in numbers10 minutesDr Mohid Khan
Distinguishing a zebra from a horse – diagnosing gastroenteropancreatic (GEP)-NETs20 minutesProfessor Mark Pritchard and Dr Mohid Khan
Panel discussion and Q&A10 minutesProfessor Mark Pritchard and Dr Mohid Khan