A lot has changed since Dr Falk Pharma was founded inside a small family pharmacy over 60 years ago. But we’ve always believed in the power of collaboration. Working alongside clinicians, researchers and patients alike, Dr Falk Pharma drives innovation in digestive and metabolic medicine, developing therapies that work for people, not just diseases.

By bringing together that shared knowledge, we develop a range of treatments that focus on what’s important, giving patients shared ownership of their treatment and choices that work for them.

Dr Falk Pharma UK facilitates educational events and supports patient societies to promote shared learning between communities of patients, clinicians and researchers.

Our FalkPlus app, a digital platform for the gut and liver community with all things Dr Falk together in place, is enabling healthcare professionals to access Dr Falk educational events, live or on-demand, and connect with their peers anytime, anywhere.

Tap into FalkPlus now and be a part of our future – download on https://install.events/falkplus  on your desktop and mobile devices and register for the Dr Falk educational events.

Visit www.drfalk.co.uk to access the Dr Falk resources for both HCP and patient education and support.

Together we know more

Together we do more